It’s all good, baby baby.

Yeah, this blog is dedicated…

To all the people that told me Mondays mornings would never amount to nothin’

To all the people that lived above the buildings that we were bouncing in front of

Snoozed the alarm when all we were trying to do is get our free fitness on 

It’s all good, baby baby.

Yesterday was a dream.  It was equal parts hilarious, important, hard, weird and ironic.

I picked Copley Square to host the first Monday in December because It was central.  Easy to run to with a bunch of gear and secretly hoping that it would draw a boisterous crowd.

Then Saul and I talked about doing a Chanukah themed workout.  So what did we do? We spun the dreidel and jam packed 8 crazy nights into a single morning.  

First we lit the menorah with some fitness fire for every night – – exercise 1 // 1-2 // 1-2-3 // 1-2-3-4- and so on.

Then we burpeedreidel for what felt like eternity, but it was really only 8 min…

For the nun (nuun? none?) we did one burpee

For the hey! we did 10 burpees

For the shin we GAVE 5 burpees to everyone

And for the Gimel (JACKPOT!!) we did 20 burpees!

(How did I do sugarmama?!)

Oh how did i forget to mention that copley square is home to the LARGEST menorah in the city. Incorrectly lit, but don’t worry Jesse wasted no time informing public works and it has been since fixed #civicduty.  That was not planned, not hyped we just showed up and discovered the magic that’s tucked inside this city!

Yesterday was everything I see NP to be.  It was the weird, the meaningful, the fun, the hard, the impactful.  So lets keep that up and remember it’s all good, baby baby.

Be easy,


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