Core Sprinting (YEG)

Today, we tackled 40m sprints with a sprinkle of core exercises, over and over and over again. Now, anyone can sprint for 40 metres. Today was about getting to the start line. It was about crossing the finish line. And it was about doing it, again and again and again. It didn’t matter how far in front, or how far behind you were. What mattered was that you had the chance to get better each time. Sure, you might have fallen on your face at the start, but you got your do-over. You could do it until you felt good about your 40m sprint.

So whatever it is you’re doing this week, if it doesnt feel right, keep trying until you feel good about it. You may never perfect it, but you’ll be getting better.

Wednesday, we’re going to make our course slightly bigger than today as we climb the Royal Glenora Stairs.


Find the Good,

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