Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of 6 Pack Abs (SD)

If you missed #MayhemMonday this morning, you missed a lot. You missed a lot of planks and A LOT of burpees. We said this would be a workout people would be talking about for days to come. That’s most likely because every time they cough, sneeze, or laugh their abs will be screaming, reminding them of this morning.

We also brought back a favorite (?) of November Project Tribes across the land. Today we did our annual Sebastian. 7 minutes of burpees. As many as you can do. Apparently Sebastian is a nice gentleman in Boston, but I think there’s quite a few people in San Diego today who aren’t too fond of him.

Record your number of burpees HERE.

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be sore San Diego!

Not Much to Announce Today:

– Next Monday is at Mount Soledad. Don’t miss the last week of the Month of Freedom.

– If you are a Monday person, come Wednesday. If you are a Wednesday person, come Monday. And if you are both, Fuck Yeah.

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