Connect! (PVD)

This thing is working! Connection – Week 3 of November Project PVD has been nothing short of awesome! Bananas!

Who smiles at 5:30am? The BEST PEOPLE

This morning at 5:27 am, and then again at 6:27 am, we had the privilege of connecting with some of the best humans on the planet.  This morning,  90 badass people willing to step out of the comforts of their beds, not just for fitness, but for the opportunity to connect to their community.

And this morning, we greeted 9 newbies for the very first time. Adults don’t often make new friends, but thanks to NP we do every Wednesday.  And we even got to hang out with Boston OG (and Denver tribe member) Kaitlin Pace, who got her passport stamped and is now proudly rocking our gorgeous Anchor tag.

June is all about LOVE, and we are spreading the love this month through the vibrant PRIDE tags – connecting, embracing, and celebrating the PRIDE that lives and loves our city and community.


Partner push ups from the Adam and Pace make the world a better place
Sunday Fun Day – ECS Style

This week has been about not just about connecting to our community sharing this free fitness with Providence, but getting to connect to the global November Project community.

For much of our tribe this past weekend at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series was the first real feeling of being a part of the global NP community, and gave many of us the sense of how truly great the NP Community of tribe members is. Tribe Members from Boston, and Newport, and DC, and Boston, and Buffalo, and even from London, embraced us literally and figuratively all weekend long.

In true NP style, they welcomed us to the family with giant hugs, and made us know they were all glad we are here.  A   HUGE shoutout to NP Woo for hosting this weekend’s festivities – from the Friday Pop Up and Breakfast, the sick hype bounce, the Saturday Social, and Sunday awesomeness back on the mountain – Sam, Ivan and Peanut KILLED IT! NP WOO is amazing and we love you so so much.

On Wachusett Mountain, we got the opportunity to not only sweat it out and test our limits but to share a hug, smile and high five with new friends!

So at this point, I would like to share that if you missed the Wachusett Mountain ECSMA and would love the opportunity to team up with NP_PVD friends and take on the world – focus – listen and take note!

This September 14th – 16th in a crazy place called Milwaukee, the The North Face Endurance Challenge WI  is going down.  Yes, they are the land of #nocoast – but I promise it will be the time of your life!

For those of you who like me are dying to know what November Project Summit is – it is the annual congregation of ALL November Project tribes, their members, and their leaders from across the globe. Providence you are invited!!!

Friday there will be a mind-blowing work out (check this one out from last year). Saturday the race begins – you can run anywhere from a leg of a marathon relay (10K), a 26.2 trail marathon, or for the real maniacs a 50k or 50-mile ultra trail run! Saturday night, Milwaukee will host an incredible social party meet and mingle!

Sunday you can choose a 5k, 10k or 13.1 /half marathon  – so let’s start planning!  If you are considering going add your name to our THE LIST!

If you would like to do a marathon relay – mark the spreadsheet! Once we know who is joining us, we can work on finding a place to stay!  We can look for hotels, find an Airbnb, or couch to surf on in Milwaukee.  OR we can camp at the Kettle Moraine State Park (where the race is held) – the campground/State park is 45 minutes from Milwaukee so we work to comb out details!

All you have left to do is: Connect! (aka #recruiteveryone)

Up and Coming:

June 15: 6am: Sunrise 6k!  Blackstone Boulevard.  Meet up at Lippitt Park (near 3 Sisters Ice Cream) and get ready to race your face off! We will record our times and then 6 months from now do it again to bask in the glory of how fast we have gotten!

June 20: Yearbook Photo Day! Grassroots Gear is a MUST, so make sure you look spiffy.  Local world class photographer and PVD Tribe Member Ian Barnard will be snapping shots for the 5:27 and 6:27 am sessions.  Don’t miss out!! Need gear tagged? We will have tags around so #justshow up and get it done!






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