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For many of us, Summit Ave is a place we know we can go train and we know we can get fit if we continue coming back for more. The hill is a beast and it’s also very accessible from most locations here in Boston. Local runners and cyclists can be seen here every morning of the week to train their climbing gear. In the Greater Boston area, we’d take this hill as one of the best stretches of road to train on. Like Northeastern Athletic Department’s Chris Marshal said today after his fifth and final pass, “Beacon Hill has nothing on Summit Ave.”

In other conversations this morning, many #novemberproject members agreed that Summit Ave is also a place that you’ll rarely go to train solo. The few times when you do see folks training solo you’ll notice that the race pressure just isn’t there. The #racing and #community that comes from being an active member of November Project in the bi-weekly workouts not only gets you out of bed and to the location on time, but it also pushes you through the full workout in a way that only racing can. Maybe its #teamaccountability #racedaycompetition or basic #agressiveracing. Whichever it is for you, @Nov_Project is just the ticket and we should all continue to spread the word to other good people seeking this kind of training and positive pressure. Here our the times from this morning:

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For those of you who didn’t make it this morning we highly encourage you to join us next week both Wednesday (Harvard Stadium) and Friday (Summit Hill Ave) both at 6:30AM start times.

Wednesday will be “PR Pizza Day” so plan to come rested and ready to race. Anyone who posts their fastest 37 section “tour” will get a “PR Pizza” trophy.

Happy Friday!

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