Happy Summer Solstice

Happy longest day of the year, folks! This morning we had our friend Silas Dunham, coming from SumoSkinny.com to do a video feature on our @nov_project tribe. SumoSkinny.com is an online magazine for young people that want to stay current with the newest trends and local events. We’re jazzed about the visit and can’t believe that he banged out the amazing video in only few hours. Silas you’re the man, and that fixie is pretty sweet.

We’re extremely excited to announce that anyone who comes to 5 or more workouts in July will be getting a FREE Hubway 1 year pass OR $50 off at any Marathon Sports Running store. That means that if you want to get these great gifts and you’ve been coming only to the stadium, you’ll have to make an appearance at the Summit ave run at least once. This hill running group will be meeting every Friday at 6:30AM on the Brookline side of Summit ave. Massive thanks to amazing people from Hubway and Marathon Sports for their unconditional support of our efforts.

You noticed that we introduced the signup sheet this morning. One of the season for it is to keep the track of the attendance for our July prizes but also to keep the track of your weekly progress. See the table below for all the times from this morning.

Don’t forget that next Wednesday is the “PR Pizza” day. If you finished the full tour of the stadium (37 sections) and scored a personal record time, you will be awarded with the “PR Pizza” trophy and featured on our website.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Make sure that you bring the water to your workouts. We provided some refreshments this morning expecting high temperatures but from here on out you should be responsible for your hydration. Stay cool, drink a lot of fluids, take care of your joints and we’ll see you on Friday.

To see more cool shots from this morning go to our facebook page.

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