Come Back Again

The workout today was There and Back Again–that good old kick-your-ass workout where you haul ass out from section 37 until time is called half-way through the workout and then you fight like hell to make it back again to the starting point in the second half.

It’s a tricky balance of pushing really hard — and not holding back or sand-bagging — during the way out, but not running out of gas for the return back again.  Workouts like this one help us figure out our pace and what we’re capable of as we train to build endurance, strength, and speed.  Knowing that PR day is next week, we have a good sense of how hard to go out of the gate, and how to hold on and surge through the second half of the stadium as we complete a full tour.

It also highlights how important it is to come back again.  Just about anybody can blast out a solid first half of the workout, but how we come back shows a lot about our fitness and our mindset when things get tough.

And it takes just as much determination to come back again when you’ve been away from NP.  Today was a balmy, easy-to-show-up-weather day, and it unsurprisingly brought us some faces we’ve been missing.  Each time we have a day like this, I am tempted to see those old-familiar faces and point out how long it’s been, or give people shit for not showing up.  It’s in the nature of noticing that someone has come back and the spirit of accountability!  But today I thought a lot about how showing up after a break from NP is just like the workout.  Coming back is hard.  It’s hard to get back into a routine we’ve gotten out of.  It’s hard to wonder or even worry whether people will notice you, remember you, or be excited about seeing you (or only give you a hard time for being away!)  It’s hard to feel like a newbie again because the stairs are so fucking tall and difficult to climb.  There’s a lot that’s hard about it.

But the most important thing is just coming back.  We’ve got a community that will challenge us to show up, who will care when we don’t show up and will the first ones to remind you “I’m glad you’re here” when we come back.  And we’ll probably get a little shit too.  Take a lesson from the workout.  #JustShowUp and keep coming back again.


  • MONDAY is the last Feb #DestinationDeck on Boston Common and we’ll be led by two tribe members who are taking our #CelebrityShot.  Make sure you show up for the fun and shenanigans.
  • NEXT WED is the last Wed of the month, and PR Day.  BE READY TO RACE.
  • BUFFS.  If you do not have a buff that you ordered/paid for, your last chance to pick them up will be next week.  If you didn’t get to order one, you will have an opportunity to bring $5 and purchase a buff.  Stay tuned for more details.

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