Clovers & Hoistees with a side of Planks

Gather around as I paint you a picture of the Denver tribe’s workout this morning. It was an epically fun-tastic #FREE workout, obviously. We began with some soft and subtle greetings:  welcome to our tribe, hug my body, bitch. We then gathered in a hip-hop bounce here, a little body warmth there. Yall Good, Truck Yeah.

Run ‘The Clover’ they said. Climb up the big steps, cruise down the little stairs, run around the grassy knoll. Repeat. But wait, there will be added spice to this workout!? Like more cowbell firedrill spice? Like, OK, I can do this. I put my pants on this morning one pant-leg at a time, just like everyone else.

When the cowbell rang, we performed Hoistees with ‘murder’ eyes. Normal?  That’s right when the cowbell rings, grab a partner and squat to the floor, without breaking eye contact. But I don’t even know you, she says. Squat lower, dammit, he replies. Welcome to November Project, soft j.

Following our bout with the Clover, we circled it up. We coalesced in an enigmatic outer body experience as we listened to Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby’. Thankfully Mile High Molly snapped us out of our daze and challenged us to a Plank Off! Congrats to our super-plankers: Johnny Boy, Jason, and Matt. All three willfully kept their plank until after the group photo was taken.

Our Positivity Award was passed on from super-smiley Christine to super-cheery Emmy. While Emmy may not like getting out of bed most mornings, when she enters the Amphitheater she puts on her game face and exudes with enthusiasm.

Don’t forget about Gociety’s Avalanche Awareness workshop being offered tomorrow night. Check with Jason or go to their site for more details. We must keep safe in Nature’s Playground!

Homework: when you’re riding the chair lift this weekend, tell five people about the free fitness movement happening around the continent. Chances are they live near a current or future NP city. A prize will be awarded if you can get an Olympic champion* to show up to our next workout.

In free fitness we thrust,

*bronze medal or higher

The List:
Jess Malone
Christina Maggio
Daisy Grace
Nichole Lindquist
Dustin Waite
Katelyn Jones
Anna Delaponta
Troy Coleman
Kaitlin Wallace
Julia Griffith
Dan Janosee
Paul Rohde
Anna Delaponta (Clone?!)
Christine Amerosano
Cathy Hay
Will Hauser
Jarell Jones
Matt Kaelin
Johnny Russell
Claire O’Neill
Emmy Barcello < ++++++ Award

Chad Christoff
A-Aron E
Juliann Couture
Pete Miller
Matt Sandy
Ryan Wooderson
Kaitlin PACE

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