Clockwork Orange (DEN)

So now that all of the hoopla surrounding our 1st (Local) & 3rd (Global) birthday parties has passed [yes, three birthday extravaganzas confirmed that: we are awesome, we earn our cake and eat it too, and world takeover is inevitable], things have settled down here in 5280-ville, and we have returned to the business in the front party in the back vibe that is the foundation upon which we were built. We play hard, hug harder, and continue to find ways to embrace the outdoors with our crazy friends.

Let it be know that your fitness fanatic Tribe here in Denver refuses to rest on our laurels and coast through the winter!!!

In fact, we are so committed to each other and to the health and wellness of the general Denver population that the LieutenantGeneral went ahead and introduced a kick-ass new workout today. The General likes to incorporate a teaching aspect into each workout, so today she re-introduced us to the analog clock. Yes, I’m talking about the 2-handed, 12-numbered, good old American-Mountain-Time clock.  There were cards flipping, high-fiving, mountain climbing, and all sorts of goodness happening around the clock <- BOOM.

We were a bit riled up by the end of the Clock workout as dancing to Taylor and Bruno ensued. It was fitting that our resident Poet Lauriat, Ryan Wooderson, approached the Positivity Award Podium with a digitally prepared poem crafted in iambic pentameter. The smooth, deep tone of Woody’s pentameter turned the group shot into a snappy speakeasy.

Cucumber Smooth,



12/12 FRI 6:15A: We meet HERE.

12/17 WED 5:30/6:15A: Capitol Bldg Stairs

12/19 FRI 6:15A: TBD

12/19 FRI 6P: Christmas Lights Run from Epic Brewing Company. NP style ugly sweater party. Clear your calendars. Tell your friends.

1/1 THU Noon: Mile-Hi Beer Mile. Harvard Gulch Dirt Track. Race, celebrate, puke on Daniel Graham (NP-MKE)


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