Who are The People in Your Neighborhood? (PHL)

Philadelphia is a big city broken down into a bunch of smaller neighborhoods. Safe to say, since we were all little tykes, we’ve been conditioned to ask, “who are the people in your neighborhood?” (Think Sesame Street folks).

Today we answered just that – Five groups of three or so neighborhoods paired up in teams for a solid deck workout complete with push ups, sit ups, four runs up the steps with stair jumps and four sets of planks jumps over the people in your neighborhood.

Some were surprised to find out what neighborhood some folks live in. Others were surprised that some lived so close to them. One team was made up of a mishmash of parts of Philly that are on the way to the burbs, the suburbs and NJ as well. A couple of folks from over the bridge found out they live in neighboring towns.

This world is small. Our “big” city can feel as big or as small as you want it to be. NP_PHL helps to build community and make a piece of this place we call home as small and as tight as you/we all need it to be.

Jennifer M was awarded the hard hat today for her friendly demeanor and her willingness to welcome newbies as well as introduce them to those who have been coming to the workouts for some time. That is an excellent example of making this city and the world a little closer to feeling like home each and every day! Congrats J!IMG_0148

Have an exceptional Wednesday – go hug someone – like right now.. do it!!

See y’all tomorrow night at The SPS/FBR Holiday Lights Run & Friday a.m. at Lemon Hill where we’ll work off those hangovers from the post lights run party!


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