Clear the Fog Away! (LAX)

Once in a very rare occasion LA becomes overcast with fog making all Angelinos suddenly feel as though they’re in the San Francisco Bay! When we arrived at the Baldwin Hills Stairs there was no view of the top and it seemed as if the stairs ran up and disappeared into the abyss! Gaining to the top we all waited together as a tribe for every person for every moment we are in together.


As we kicked into the actual work out running trails with incorporated circuits the sweat began to poor. Smiles were being flashed and people were pushing their limits jumping higher than they thought on the box jumps or running faster than anticipated trying to escape the fog. With each smile the sun rose, with each increment of movement suddenly the layer of fog slowly disappeared revealing lines of runners and wonderful positive athletes waking up the sun and this city!

After all the highfives, all the smiles, all the extreme struggle you’ve earned your weekend!

Now go DO GOOD LA!


!ARIBA! HUSTLE! Is tomorrow at 7pm. Bring money, bring id’s and a readiness to have fun and explore our city. Meet at the city hall steps at Grand Park!




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2 Replies to “Clear the Fog Away! (LAX)”

  1. Just found out about this awesome group! Does anyone come up from the Long Beach area? I’d love to carpool. Regardless, I think I might check this out one day soon. 

    1. At the moment there is not anybody from Long Beach that commutes in.  Manhattan Beach yes.  Maybe you’ll have to be the recruiting force from Long Beach and bus out some wonderful people from your neck of the woods?  See you next Wednesday?

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