BRB real quick (DEN)

Today’s workout was just like any NP5280 workout. Except that we had a lot of people wearing cat shirts and cat underwear, and except for the fact that this will be my last November Project workout with the Denver tribe for some time. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

When I first found out I got into med school my gut reaction was, “sweet, let’s travel and enjoy life before I become a slave to the books.” Seemed like a no brainer, except for the very fact that I would have to step away from NP, which has become part of my identity. That gave a pit in my stomach. The tribe that has been there for me twice a week for a year and a half, no questions. The same tribe Dan and I grew from nothing, the same tribe that made Denver become home for me and the tribe that made me want to go to CU and stay in Denver instead of move back to the East Coast. To be honest, I was really conflicted with the whole idea of accountability- it felt hypocritical. Here I am preaching accountability, not having missed a workout for any reason (aside from travel) since our conception, but all of a sudden I want to travel so I’m just gonna jump ship and leave my Co with the responsibility? That seemed a little twisted to me. It’s tricky because the goal of my three month vacation is to rid myself of all commitment and responsibility before August when my life becomes structured and hard (from what I hear) for the next 4 to 6 to 10 years, yet NP doesn’t feel like “responsibility” and its not a part of my life that I need a break from. Every time I had this argument with myself, I’d always land back on the most simple and powerful realization: the tribe will go on. That’s the coolest part about November Project. You don’t need me up in there with my shrill screams yelling “Good Morning!”, and you don’t need Dan yelling in the middle of the bounce until he stops making sense and then quietly fizzles out until someone takes over (that’s your job now, Matthew).

No, the tribe is self-sustainable. The tribe is dedicated. The tribe will show up and they will continue to make this community better. We as leaders do not make the tribe, YOU make the tribe. If you all didn’t show up, recruit your friends, hug strangers and push yourselves and each other then NP5280 would not exist.  So while I’m sad and confused at the idea of being away for a few workouts (we’ll call it about 20 give or take), I think its damn cool that this thing will go on like a well oiled machine, only getting stronger with each newbie, each hug and every full belly “fuck yea!”

So, my dear NP5280, please keep doing your thing. Keep showing up. Keep kicking ass. Keep brightening people’s days. Keep getting stronger. I’ll be in and out, always watching from a far and spending my time planning some cool summer events for you guys. Please be nice to Dan and Matthew. I have full faith in them. And since I really don’t like saying goodbye, I’m just going to say BRB while I go take care of a few things.

Every time you eat a breakfast burrito, please think of me fondly. Unless it’s a breakfast burrito, I don’t need that shit.

My final request is that you please come join the NP celebration that is going down this Saturday at Wurstkuche (2036 Broadway St). We’ll be kicking things off around 6pm but Matt starts work at 5:30 and will be ready and waiting to arms us with tons of free fries and beers. Things to celebrating include:

-My last day at work (today)

– Matthew’s new role as CO-mander (what do you think about that Dan?)

-Robyn’s birthday (also today)

-Anything else that you want to raise a glass to

I LOVE YOU! xoxox Gen




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