Should I Buy A Whistle?

I yelled at some tribe members today.  Not because I was mad but just to see what it does.  They kind of looked at me like I was an idiot and then laughed at me.  I laughed at myself too…  Maybe the whistle is the key.  I might need to combine yelling AND the whistle to get the desired effects.  Or I might just stick with high fives, hugs and encouragement… it seems to be working pretty well.  Sorry, I forgot the Slurpees and Nadim dropped the ball on the cinnamon buns, we have to break as many rules as we can before Jen gets back.  We can break a few on Monday here! We will be celebrating May The Fourth (be with you), so if you have some Comicon outfits you’ve been dying to wear, now is the time.  Have a great weekend!  BOOM!

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