Chronicles of NP_BOS: Backpack, Cowbell, and Trombone

What do a cowbell, a trombone, few hundred backpacks, and concrete stairs have in common? November Project Pack Day! Today people that follow us on social media and read our blog brought their backpacks filled with anything from books, water bottles, candy, and feathers to make their stair-running workout even more challenging (like running stairs was easy). But adding extra weight on our back to make things difficult wasn’t the only thing we did. We also added the spice of #FireDrill. Every time the cowbell (or trombone for a 6:30AM group) went off, we did the best 10 air-squats of our lives… You know, the proper straight back, bootie touching the stair underneath, how-is-BG-always-calling-FireDrill-when-I-go-up-the-stairs-and-never-on-the-way-down-type badassery. After I was done with my 40 sections it took me solid 10 minutes to recuperate. Either that workout was hard, or I’m just getting soft.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos and videos from this morning. There were few good ones in there (single dudes, single ladies, birthday video, #FireDrill feat D. Schwartz on trombone, just to name the few).

On Friday we’re going to have an amazing and very competitive workout. Winners will get their own NP pool party. #RaceEverything

One thing that still blows my mind is the size of the 5:30AM group! #TribeIsStrong


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  1. Any way more than one shot of the group photo can be uploaded to Facebook? Tons of people always miss being able to tag themselves because of the limit

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