CHAARGing my batteries (ORL)

the tribe had an opportunity at a two-fer this week: a special field trip to the UCF campus for our NPxCHAARG fall classic on tuesday evening, and then an all-new digit-exchange workout by lake baldwin for our wednesday morning festivities. here’s a recap:

on a balmy november evening by lake claire on the UCF campus, and in the spirit of encouraging girls to ditch solo workouts on the elliptical and to gather with friends for dynamic group fitness instead, the CHAARG group took to all four points of the compass to see how we brought our madcap zany energy to a circuit of bear crawls, box jumps, planks, and dips. ⚡️

after the main event, fueled by KIND bar samples and heaps of high fives, we grinded our way through a sally squat burnout and earned some fresh new #grassrootsgear to round out the night! you know it was a good time when you’re still finding sand in all sorts of hiding places.

then, just a scant 11 hours later, we were back up to our old hijinks and traded phone numbers before running between the docks and watching me demonstrate a #drunkbird, i mean #drinkingbird, for our bright-eyed tribe. for a burnout, we powered through a tough plank circuit to round out these back-to-back sessions and left the beautiful dockside, powered up and ready to take on the day.

first timer katie had this to say about us:

This movement is clearly more than working out, it’s about the friendships and fun that being healthy can bring and I’m so into it.

Super proud that I got up so early and “just showed up!”

Please check your city, this stuff is amazing!! And know, there is a tribe waiting for you!!!

so no matter what battery percentage you think you might find yourself at today, you can always expect a solid power up with your friendly neighborhood november project tribe! #justshowup #recruiteveryone


  • next week brings the return of #PRday, so get your legs ready to run those loops! i’m out of town next week, so keep track of your laps and i’ll see you before turkey day! 🦃
  • #ABvemberHW: wanna join in the all-tribe daily core challenge? you can find more details about this month’s HW on the facebook page, find pics on the instagram account, and post your results on the google doc tracker.
  • race season is upon us. looking to conquer a new distance? need to find a training partner? or maybe you just want to be part of a sweet #cheergang. find out who’s racing what, and get the latest on tons more orlando happenings on our facebook social group. #raceverything
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