So this morning was an adventure.

For weeks, Rebecca and Alex have been working with Dan Clayton (NPSF OG leader) to plan NP Oakland’s first Friday popup workout. This week was UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Wellness Week, and with Dan involved, it was a great opportunity to test out a Friday workout and take a trip up to Berkeley, where many of NP Oakland’s loyal members live.

Unfortunately, the air quality in the Bay this morning was too dangerous for us to get our  typically tough outdoor fitness in. Even more unfortunately, the cause of the bad air, the Camp Fire burning near Chico, California, is still barely contained. 

NP is #weatherpoof though. We recommended folks stay in doors to protect their lungs, but we didn’t cancel the workout and had every intention of hosting a stretch circle and a breakfast gang. 

It turned out even better than that.

Dan got us into one of the indoor auditoriums on campus. So instead of a quiet, relaxed version of a typical outdoor free fitness, we brought NP Oakland inside and did our stairs, burpees, and bear crawls in the classroom.

It was a morning to remember, to say the least.

Big ups again to Dan Clayton for setting this up. It wasn’t what we imagined, which ended up being kind of incredible. 


  • POPUP #2: On November 19, we’ll be popping up over at Jack London Square (exact location TBA) to see what free fitness feels like on a Monday morning. Facebook event here. Expect some Traverballers still in town from ECSCA. Which brings us to…
  • Endurance Challenge California: ECSCA is just a ONE WEEK away! If you haven’t formed/registered your relay team yet, get on it! Facebook event here and Google Doc here
  • Tags: We are TAGGING next week. Bring a shirt! 
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