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In a rare dash of NP democracy the Tribe voted the Capital Deck as their workout of choice this Friday morning.  Hilarity lies in the fact that this luck of the draw workout stands second to none in terms of vocal griping and slapstick armswings of frustration.  The deck is rigged.  The deck hates me. “Say hi to ya motha fa me” says the deck.  Is this deck fucking kidding with me? Where are all the good cards?

Heres how we do this: Red=pushups, Black = squats, Face Cards = an out and back jaunt to and up the next stair case, Aces = hot footed lizard toe touches.   After every two cards you reset by running to the bottom of the Capital steps and back up before pulling two more from the pile atop the staircase.  The deck loves you MSN, thank you for bringing the power this morning.

The anger is welcomed and the grief is all channeled toward unity for this Tribe.  Despite being typecasted as the Leave it to Beaver Midwest apple pie tribe, we play better angry.   Just tell us what inanimate object we should be pissed at………and blast off!

Enjoy your weekend MSN, enjoy your weekend NP17!

&*!& you and the horse you rode in on deck, see you down the road

NP - poker circle



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  1. Brilliantly stated, Mr. Bauch. That was killa in the most positive sense, even after being robbed of the yellow jersey. Rode my endorphin high all damn day.

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