Getting High in the Highlands (DEN)

For those of you that don’t know, Friday mornings in the Mothership (NP BOS—don’t think “bos” in the title is a coincidence) are dedicated to hill running. Every Friday, the original tribe meets at Summit Ave in Brookline, MA.

Boston’s Summit Ave hill stats: a 0.4 mile incline, grows from 7% to 17%

This morning’s Highlands’ hill stats: 0.21 miles, about 5% incline overall (thanks Grammar)

Why hills? Hill running is the best and most relevant strength training you can do for running. You can squat and lunge until you’re blue in the face, but hill running reaps all of the benefits of strength training while actually engaging in the motion of running. They can also increase speed and endurace. At November Project we want you to be race ready. So even if you don’t have anything you’re training for or don’t care to be considered “race ready”, guess what? You are. Boom, you’re a badass.

You may also not know that your leaders, the LeuitenantGeneral, spent their NP childhood with the Boston tribe, which is why Friday hills have special meaning to us. Seeing you all on the hill in the Highlands this morning made us a little giddy, even if you felt like you were going to puke—which would have been awesome. While the hills are not as interactive as many of our Friday workouts, and maybe harder, please know that we don’t (intentionally) want to torture you. Everyone that came today looked great on the hill and you can rest easy this weekend knowing you made yourself harder, better, faster, stronger –Kanye West.

If you’ve gotten this far, you may have realized that this is one of the most serious (boring) blog posts to come out of NP5280 to date. But if I had put this disclaimer at the beginning you would have stopped reading immediately. Ha. Tricked ya.

Wednesday: 5:30am and 6:15am in the Civic Center Amp (not the building with the shiny gold dome)

Have a wonderful weekend – xoxo the Gen.

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