Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

What happened? When did San Diego get this strong? For a last day at Mount Soledad, we did it pretty epically.

Angelo and I planned a workout that we thought was HARD and high-five worthy, yet here we are pleasantly surprised with how fierce and strong our tribe is. So, when we asked the tribe to do half-mile hill laps plus 200 pushups and 200 sit-ups, we didn’t expect what we saw. Halfway through, I’m hearing teams say, “ok, we’re at 210 and 180.” What? Ok. Awesome!


Here’s what we wanted to remind you all. It doesn’t matter what the number is. It doesn’t matter how unattainable the goal sounds. Because if you push yourself and each other, it’s damn near impossible to fail. As you saw today, you’re more capable than you thought you were. You’re stronger than you thought you were. And apparently, you can handle way harder workouts than you thought you could.

It appears the leaders have some stepping up to do ourselves…

Be Happy. STAY Strong. Be Bright, San Diego.

With love,

Announcements! Much Important. Please Read:

  • Wednesday: AS ALWAYS, meeting in Balboa Park at the Bea Evanson Fountain in between the Science Center and Natural History Museum.
  • YEARBOOK PHOTOS: THEME: #weatherspoof – get as sarcastic as you’d like with this one (umbrella? Winter hat? Mittens? Galoshes?) Wednesday, July 6th. IT IS OFFICIAL – Angelo, Ashleigh and Eugene are dropping a TATTOO VERBAL. If we hit 250, we will be inking ourselves! With what? Who knows. Maybe a face tat, maybe “#fuckyeah” on our butt cheeks, “#doublenobrainerverbal” on our necks. It’s Angelo’s FIRST, so let’s make it GOOOOOOD.
  • MONDAYS IN JULY: We are meeting at OB Pier.
  • EXCEPT FOR THE SUNRISE 6K: Monday, July 11th – 6:29AM – Crystal Pier
  • SIGN UP FOR SUMMIT – Renew those passports, or get one. Because we’re hauling out to Ontario, Canada, North America. Details in this blog post. And members are already actively planning stuff in this Facebook group.
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