Burgs and Words (YWG)

Wisconsin notes:

  • Log on to the tracker to record your PR results from today
  • Burgers from Nuburger as prizes
  • Tabata’s for warm up, PR for cool down. Not cruel at all
  • 200 by June 8th, your homework for the next two weeks is to bring someone new (or old)




We had a great turn out for PR day today. It was a first time for a lot of you, and everyone did wonderful. First time getting to see the out-of-towner, Jamie, turn on the jets. I think he could have been even faster if he knew where the turn around point was, because once he reached it and knew he was on the homestretch, he came cruising in. Now he’ll get a chance to check out the local burger shop, where Ivan is one of the part-owners along with Kyle, both of whom come to NP.I strongly recommend the drunken aussie burger. Nice of them to donate the three $25 gift cards as prizes. I’m a little jealous I couldn’t have run today, but Rick is eating sushi in Japan and Tom is doing real doctor stuff.


On that note, I’d like to thank David Gust and Jessica Biggs (soon to be Jessica Fitchner, woot) for helping with the tagging today. It saved us a lot of hours on the weekend of tagging, because there is no way I could have kept time and tagged all the shirts this morning. The core members like them are what keeps the tribe strong and helps it grow, and makes it the great experience it is every week.


I was sitting on the beachcomber patio on Saturday night, which would be to the right in this picture,  and looking down at the river walk I thought to myself ‘this would be great for tabata’s‘. It’s funny how when you’re a NP leader, whenever you’re at a new place outdoors you are automatically checking for new work out locations, potential pop up work outs, etc. You guys are lucky that we only had time for a half set of box jump tabata’s, and that I didn’t want to destroy your legs too much right before the run. The groans were audible when I said we had another set of tabata’s after the dips session. I enjoyed that.


Make sure you go volunteer and help Sara Shimoji at the Manitoba Marathon. We would love to have a great showing by November Project, it’s a great way to show off your grassroots gear and get more people involved. And for self serving reasons, I’ll be running the full and the little extra encouragement always helps. There are quite a few people from NP running this year, whether it’s the full, half, 10k or as a relay team. So let’s have a great showing, and maybe even plan a brunch or bbq somewhere for after the run. June 19th, Father’s Day.

Record your results, track your PR, and bring a friend next week.

Peace and love and hamburgers



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