Five by Five (YYZ)

“We woke up at 5:30am for this shit? We must be crazy!” – is what some people might have said this morning. Not you guys:

“Thanks for the workout guys. That one was a toughy”

“I think that was the hardest one yet. Thanks!”

We throw one of the most challenging workouts yet at you, and you thank us for it? That’s undeniable craziness, but of the crazy awesome variety!


The sun was shining, the singlets/tank tops were being worn (suns out, guns out – amiright), the high fives were hard and the tribe was strong. Five rounds of five minutes of the toughest, most fun #freefitness that Toronto has ever seen were crushed.


We posed for a super blurry group photo, and then everyone went off to work pretending that they were normal people, not the superheroes they had just shown themselves to be.


NEXT WEEK – back to the normal location. It’s PR day! If you want anything tagging, bring it along. I’ll make sure I have a new can of spray paint.


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