#YearBookPhotos 2016 (VB)

WHAT A DAY. Today was #PRDay and we, the collective we, broke records. Smashed records. 41 amazing humans (The most #NP_VB has EVER had a single workout) showed up this morning & totally crushed #PRDay.


#FillTheStairs with #FreeFitness every WEDS at 615AM at Mount Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

We had 4 traverbals from #NP_DC, a few new locals faces, and a few familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while (Great to have you back Cris!).

Today was also YEARBOOKPHOTO Day! (Thank you Molly for making us look so good!) The #NP_VB Class of 2016 looks so damn good.

Here are some of the early releases..


“Any Given Wednesday”


“Trust me, I’m a Doctor”





There are too many amazing photos and faces to post. When your photo finally makes it to the FB Album, Tag yourself, Tag your Friend, & in true NP fashion- Make it your FB Profile Pic! BOOM. That’ll get them talking (Not sure who them are but mostly likely grandmothers and aunts will start asking what your up to #Notacult).

Keep your eyes peeled for more Photos to drop periodically. (It takes time to add that NP water color!) Have a great long MDW and we’ll see y’all next Wednesday at 615AM!

Love Red





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