Buffs and Tallies (YEG)

We are mid way through the month already!!! Time flies when you are putting your muscles to the test right?….right?

Thank you to everyone who tuned into Lazina and I’s hosting of an IG live session on the NP global page this morning. We’ve been getting messages from across the globe about how sore people’s legs are and they’ve only done one day of the challenge! You have all been doing an amazing job this month. Don’t let up on the gas just yet though. Remember: always have proper form (quality over quantity) and reps are not the only thing in this challenge. As everyone’s total tallies start to get high remember that you are improving and challenging yourself while keeping your teammates accountable. There is a magic in working through something together. Stay safe, stay humble, and try your best!!

If you follow any other NP city’s social media accounts you may have seen a sneak peak at this year’s buffs. That’s right even in these COVID times NP buffs are still a thing! After years of waiting NP finally has a pink buff (you are welcome Tanis 😛 ). Honestly we do not have any details other than the design and that they will be arriving in the coming months. We’ll share details as we learn more.

Team tallies:

Keep being awesome,



  • Buffs are a thing
  • January virtual social (details to come in next weeks blog)

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