Bridge Month (Ottawa)

What a month of January it’s BEEN! Reported yesterday, this is the most snow that has ever fallen in Ottawa! This just enhanced the experience of making the most of January and the start of 2019, almost (but not quite) as much as the people who came out.

We kicked off 2019 with the spider bounce and howling winds and beauty views of the Alexandra Bridge. Next up was lunging our way across the tight quarters of Pretoria bridge, where we met a few new buddies through some strength movements, sprinkled with snow, removing clothing layers easily and disco lights beaming in the background. Week 3, we experienced the most magnificent skating morning, with an under-the-bridge-bridge workout at Patterson Creek. Our gentle bounce on skates echoed under the bridge singing to “The Good ol’ hockey days”. Week 4 we declared the first ever SNOW DAY (Badges are being safely delivered to their soon-to-be owners to show those off across the city) at the Adawe Bridge. We shared a stunning snowfall, and when snow wasn’t flying in our faces, we got to admire the Rideau River rushing underneath us. It was a challenging team workout that pushed our limits as much as we wanted them to. Finally, Bridge month was topped off with a classic… one of the most beautiful views in Ottawa over the Rideau Canal – the Corktown Footbridge (AKA Lovelock bridge). This pushed us above and below the bridge, across the canal, and teams of 3. This workout allowed each individual to be challenged, potentially in an area of weakness, no matter who was setting the pace.

Bridge month allows us to explore our city, get to see new sites, be introduced to new areas to move and truly make our city our playground. It’s fun to get out of the comfort zone, to adjust the time you have to wake up, look up a new spot, and check out a new coffee shop. The word travels and it brings people together, making guesses at where the next one is going to be, where the meeting spot will be, different carpools, making coffee shop decisions. You are thinking about all the other factors, that you almost forget that you are working out and you get fit in the process.

This community holds us accountable, to get us up, to get us out of bed and excited to take on the day, to take on winter and enjoy time outside. We are grateful for this city and all the snow that has dropped. Isn’t it more beautiful when it’s fresh? Fresh snow and COLD, FRESH AIR!

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. Your month in fact. We are glad you here.


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