BOOM! 2014 is here!

This morning 15 brave souls tossed their hangovers aside and rang in 2014 the only way November Project knows how.
The tribe had a rare moment of seriousness and reflected on what an amazing year 2013 was. And then we immediately got down to work. Tabatas were had this morning with some hill sprints mixed in for fun.
Nobody puked, which was a surprise, and we celebrated that by attempting to pop a bottle of bubbly (and failing). Perhaps the universe was telling us something…
In true fashion we finished with a photo making our best “serious party” faces, tagged gear till we ran out of spray paint, hugged goodbye, and #verbal-ed for next week.
Shout out to fearless NP YEG leader Nadim for gracing us with his presence the past few weeks. We can’t wait to see you in a year. But no, I’m not promising no burpees for your next visit. Sorry I’m not sorry.
If you missed this morning, you have some making up to do in 2014. So we’ll see you all next week, right?
Peace, love, champagne, and world takeover,
San Diego


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