Happy 2014 From Your Friends in BOS

Remember the days we did WISCONSIN NOTES for our friends in Madison that don’t like to read through all the long winded ramble hikes that BG and I have tendency to go on? To kick off 2014 on the right note, WI NOTES are making a comeback!


– Jessica SC was the first human born in 1985. Hmmmmm-hmmm-hmmmm-hmmmm-hmmmmm-hmmmm-hmmmmmm….hmmm-hmmmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmmmm!!!
– Two of our newbies were 13 years old or younger. #RecruitTheNextGeneration
– We celebrated arrival of the New Year by spraying and drinking “sparkling apple cider”.
– All of you lazy-ass-verbal-dropping-and-then-last-minute-bailing Mo Fos were missed this morning!
Two dudes that you may or may not know decided to cool down after the workout by taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.
– Color photos are back! All that black&white nonsense was getting little too depressing!
BG and Goldie are officially off the market. Big congrats to my friend on finally finding the girl that can keep him in check. You guys are great for each other and I wish you all the best!
– Bring the snow shovel to the hills on Friday (real talk). We’re expecting few inches of snow and running may be difficult but that’s not gonna prevent us from having a great workout and making few friends with Brookline neighbors!

Happy 2014 and here is to 365 more days of love, laughter, coucoured alarm clocks, new friends and accomplished fitness goals! #TRIBEISSTRONG

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