Bmore Don’t Quit- Baltimore

The ghosts of NP
The ghosts of NP

I thought about doing it. I thought about getting on here and giving the old guilt lecture,how the tribe clearly felt guilty for  being about as weatherproof as a tissue paper prom dress. And then BOOM!…40+ people show up to eat hills and we forget about the whole damn thing. Yeah, sometimes it rains and sometimes we sleep in and sometimes we eat too much falafel  and can’t get ourselves out of bed but guess what?! NP don’t quit. Be proud of that.

 Here is a list of 8 things about our tribe that absolutely DO NOT QUIT. Sorry to those that need round numbers like 10…(*conformists*):

1. Gio. I was struck today by Gio’s absolutely unreal photography. Lets just take a minute to applaud our wonderful photographer for making us look so good. He keeps waking up and taking photos, rain, snow, darkness…Gio don’t quit.  If you see him on the street, please blow him a kiss for us. Thank you to our other photographers as well. Amy, Nick, Syd. you aint too shabby either.

2. Friday morning Dog Game. If you brought a dog today, you’re awesome and so is your four legged companion. NP Dog Game…BOOM!..Don’t quit. Next step: Cat Workouts!

3.  Our good morning game. I heard more tribe members say good morning to absolute strangers (I’m talking about total randos on the sidewalk, jogging, with headphones.) than I thought possible. Take that shit with you. I promise, positivity is infectious and if you can wake up at 6:30 and tell absolute strangers good morning then you are going to make your whole world brighter. Good Morning Don’t Quit!

4. The NP_BAL social game. All of a sudden people really like each other and want to keep the vibe going over beers or homemade, gluten free chia bars. Keep that shit going. We’re not a workout group. We’re a bunch of extreme, happy folks who happen to like sweating early in the morning. Social don’t quit. 

Lucas smile game
Lucas smile game


NP Dog Game
NP Dog Game

5.  Lucas’ smile game, nursing recruitment game,  and long awkward hand hug game. Need I say more? Don’t quit.













6. NP Race game: The tribe may not tell you enough how fucking proud we are of all you cats getting after it on the race scene, but I promise, we are. NY Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, 50k, 5k, ultras…whatever it is, don’t quitRemember, race hard, toe the line, Grassroots Gear up front. 

7.  NP_Recruitment game.  We’ve been doing an awesome job getting new recruits in the door. Or the proverbial door since we obviously don’t have any real doors. Keep that up. More people need early morning joy, community and sweaty hips in hugs. Recruitment…seriously, don’t quit! 

Leading to my next point…

8Hugs. NP Hug Game  has vastly improved. I remember a day when even the bravest of us indulged in a  side hug, or as I like to call it ” the Sunday morning, welcome to church” hug.  Hips in and hug like you mean it.  Hug game don’t quit. 

The tribe keeps growing and that joy game sure as shit don’t quit.
Keep being wonderful. Keep taking big bites out of life.

Nov 5’th: Yearbook Photos. JUST SHOW UP!



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