Friday. Hills. Weekend. Earned. (PHL)

This morning’s workout was simple and to the point 5 Over the Hill and Through the Woods figure 8 circuits with 10 perfect pushups between each figure 8.  People ran the hills hard, encouraged one another and earned their weekend.  This hill workout is grueling and can be particularly lonely when done by yourself (I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing this Tuesday evening) — so it was great to see the trail and hill so electric.  High fives and cheers rang out over the dark Philadelphia morning…

Thank you for showing up and working hard.  The Positivity Award was given to Adam today.  Adam is a dude who leads by example and always pushes people to do their best.  This morning Adam smoked 7 circuits as he cheered and encouraged others.  Well done Adam!

NP BIRTHDAY: Remember we are celebrating November Project’s 3rd Birthday on Wednesday, November 5th.  We will shoot yearbook photos, have an epic workout and try to hit #3014.  Be sure to attend and bring as many friends as you can!

Have a great weekend!

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