Blue Skies (#WorldTakeover) Dead Ahead (DCA)

Some things in life come naturally. Wrinkles from smiling/laughing so much. Gray hair from worrying about making it to the workout on time. Aches and pains from pushing it to the limit, Rick Ross style.

The rest, you have to work for.

I find that I continuously internalize this dialogue of trade-offs, trade-ins, trade-outs, and ‘hey you deserve this’. Let’s narrow the vision a bit here. I’ll take fitness for 1000, Alex. I work out Monday to #EarnMyWeek. Then I convince myself to trade strength training for be able to run injury-free. I’ll #EarnMyWednesday when I wake up with Abe. Then I’ll #EarnMyWeekend with a Friday morning jaunt-circuit-jaunt. Keep this up and I allow myself a trip or two on the metro instead of biking. Have a good run, treat myself with some Chipotle. Fresh ingredients, but extra for Guac?! Why else would I eat a burrito/taco/enchilada/taco/anything in a tortilla? It’s for the GUAC. Okay, I’m getting off track here. Here’s my point:

We work for some things, whether it includes these trade-offs, goals, pure contentment. However, one thing that (for the past 2.5 years of my life) has been a constant freebie, the thing that comes naturally, the thing I don’t have to work for happens unabated MWF at 6:30AM. This community. This love. And dare I say, this fitness. It’s FREE. We’re here. As a graduate student, I appreciate free stuff. Very much so. But lots of free stuff is only transiently gratifying. NOVEMBER PROJECT is PERMANENT. If it were all to end today, I wouldn’t take a minute back (that’s a Danny minute, btw…usually lasts about 3 minutes). NP changes you. That changes people around you. That changes your community, your city, and the WORLD.

OK, this is long and I’m done. Don’t miss out on this #WorldTakeover. You’re not late. We’re just beginning…


TOMORROW: #MarchOfThePenguins. If you don’t have a penguin suit, don’t worry. Just don some black and white and orange attire. The point is that you #JustShowUp. Details in hashtagged link.


Connecticut Ave entrance of the National Zoo.

MONDAY: Capitol #Hill(sforBreakfast). 6:30AM. Same stuff. Different flavor.

NEXT FRIDAY: TEDxFoggyBottom talk. GET YOUR TICKETS. When we know a rough estimate of presentation time of day, we’ll let you know.


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