Pre-Race Weekend: Rainy Decks and 4ks

While temperatures are attempting to climb, mother nature still continues to challenge us with cold, dark, wet mornings.  This morning’s workout began with some chilly rain coming down hard and in seemingly all directions.  Lemon Hill was light on humans today, likely because of the various races throughout the city this weekend (5 miler, half-marathon and 5ks).  However the rain couldn’t hold off people from dominating our 4k PR course or a deck workout led by the ever-fearless Megan #Murphstein.  If you don’t know Megan, she may officially or unofficially hold the world record for the most consecutive deck workouts in a row.  I’m not sure what the number is but I’m nearly certain I can’t count that high…Thank you Murph!  Others raced 4 kilometers of undulating hills that surround Lemon Hill Mansion.  #GrassrootsGear was tagged and earned!

Congrats to Vicky who took down the coveted #PositivityAward today.  A former rower, Vicky understands the significance of the oar handle and the importance it holds at November Project.  Thank you for bringing your positivity, support and athleticism to our workouts every week!

Have a great weekend and best of luck to all of those who are racing!

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