Bigger than Ottawa

Wednesday mornings are always a time for us to connect, hug, high-five and share the sunshine. When you roll out of bed you probably don’t expect to meet five to ten new people all before 7am. Maybe you don’t even expect there to be more than 25 people at the workout. Yet, week after week you meet more and more people and become that much more invested in this community.

This morning across the pond that investment in connecting grew by an additional community. November Project has landed in France, Toulouse to be exact. Making it the 50th city to join the ranks of the most fun, awe-inspiring, beautiful, explorative cities out there. This gives you a moment to reflect and think about the bigger picture beyond TD Place, beyond our trails, bike paths and coffee shops in Ottawa. It gives you the chance to see beyond our own province and even country and know that this morning thousands of people woke up in their time zone to connect, sweat and gather all under the sun. Thank you for sharing your morning, smiles and t-shirts with us!

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Wednesday, July 24th: Sunrise 6k happening at 6AM starting at Parliament Hill
  2. Next week we are in the stadium #prday
  3. Read a blog from another city, we suggest a #guestblog
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