Turning the Page

Winnipeg Notes:

•Yvette is our new colead
•NP @ IG, July 17th @6am
•Bombers Game, July 19th

This morning was AWESOME! If you thought that because it was raining you’d get an easy workout, you were WRONG! We ran hills, we ran stairs, we did hoistees, we did squats and WE ANNOUNCED A NEW CO-LEADER!

We are super- duper excited to be bringing Yvette on as our new co-leader.  Much in the same way that there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, there must always be a Page at the November Project Winnipeg.  KIDDING! Totally kidding.  Willie Mac and I waited until Derek was fully settled into his retirement home; enjoying weekly bingo, the guided 4pm nature walks and the tapioca pudding for dessert; before we discussed who we would call up to fill his role.  Yvette was our number one choice, and that fact that she was Derek’s sister and the way that, that would be perceived was our biggest hang up, and it is certainly not a good enough reason.  We are so excited for what Yvette is going to bring to the table.  Yvette is always the first to offer a hand, she’s been attending NP YWG on and off for four years, whenever she was living in the city, and she’s a wicked fast skater.  I’m unbelievably excited to be turning the Page and I hope you are too.

Y’all, next Wednesday WE ARE RUNNING THE STADIUM STAIRS AT INVESTORS GROUP STADIUM.  Workout starts at 6:00am, wear clean shoes, and do not bring food or water onto the field.  Get hyped, and be there! This is one of our toughest, funnest workouts of the year.  It takes a lot of organization and finagling on both our ends to make this happen, so please show up to make it all worth it. Respond to and share the facebook event:


Call, email, text, send a messenger pigeon. However you do it, recruit someone to come to the workout. It’s gonna be major FOMO if you don’t show up.

Also, the Bomber’s have offered us a dope deal on group tickets for the game on Friday, July 19th. Tickets are discounted and will be $35, please bring cash to the workout on Wednesday, and you can leave with a ticket. That way, we’ll all be sitting together, and we can show the Bombers how grateful we are that they are letting us into their stadium. PLUS, if we get enough people to buy tickets to the game, they will let us on the field during the warmup, someone in our group will be allowed to hold the flag during the national anthem, we’ll get some free parking passes, a discount on the merch store, AND they’ll announce November Project on the PA and put us on the jumbotron. JUST THINK OF THE CONTENT! SO COME (and bring your Dad, or your daughter, or your brother-in-law)! Also, here’s a secret for you, you don’t have to like football to have a good evening, last year when we went, I literally do not think I payed attention to one play, you can drink a beer, people watch, yell randomly along with a crowd, there were dogs doing tricks on the field during half time, it’s a whole event. COME!

Fired up M


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