BG Burpee Tag (BOS)

Frontal hills with cross country spice is fun! Add BG’s gangly arms flailing around tagging people to do burees is hilarious and actually a pretty intense piece of spice. You see, as you’re turning around the backpack/cone marker and approaching the grassy uphill portion, you’re already working hard. When you spot BG at the top tagging people to do burpees not only that you’re running faster, but you’ll also pulling erratic escape maneuvers trying not to get tagged. If your maneuver fails, on top of all the sprinting and dodging, you also get to do 5 burpees. Not a bad little spice. BG, thank you for providing the entertainment but we hope that your foot heals soon so you can join the fun.

On Monday we’re meeting in the parking lot of Christian Herter Park.

To all of our racers going for a long run/race this weekend – run fast! Remember Boston Marathon is in 24 days away! #WeekendEarned


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