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Most of the people hate Mondays. They want to stay in bed, cuddle with their pillow and pretend like the weekend is not over, but not me. But not me, I fucking ♡ Monday! I think that my love for the first day of the work week developed in 4th grade when I got introduced to basketball. Our practices were on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (schedule sounds familiar?) but every Monday we got to play free-for-all full-court game instead of doing bunch of drills and plays that were on the schedule for the remainder of the week. Now keep in mind that the 4th grade basketball game book looks pretty thin. Our coach somehow always ran the same play, pass it to that annoying kid that was 10 time better than anyone else and get out of his way. On game day our team’s best player was the only to score, and rest of us were competing on who’s going to have the most assist, rebounds, blocks, steals… Since my position was always under the basket the only place where I could excel during the game day was rebounding. But not on Monday. On Monday I got to do whatever I want, including chucking the ball from the half court, trying to score by bouncing the ball of the gym walls, and attempting the nasty Michel Jordan crossover that somehow always ended with the ball smacking my crotch. But I loved it!

Fast forward twenty years and I’m half way around the world in the country called The United States of America. Instead of hurting my nut-sack with basketballs I’m meeting an amazing group of people all over the city that I now call home. Instead of shooting half-court buzzer beaters 2 minutes into the game I’m exploring locations that I never thought could be utilized for sharing seven minutes of burpees. And I’m having as much fun as I did when I was 10 years old. On top of it all I still ♡ Monday and so do few of my friends in the video below.

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  1. Been running since I was 14. Now I’m 45 so I’ve seen a lot. I compliment Nov Project for reminding me I haven’t seen it all and for inspiring me to run another day. Blessings and Peace!

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