Cold Kickin It (DEN)

Happy Freakin Friday morning, world! We are happy you are here, we are happy you are reading this, and we are happy you have made the effort (soon??) to participate in a November Project workout in one of our 15 cities.

Today the 5280 tribe took to the Governor’s front lawn, played some one-touch soccer, and listened to music. Wait a tick, that was just the warm up right? Right, next the tribe embarked on accelerated sprints up the Governor’s very own hill at his very own park. These sprints quickly became super-charged thanks to the piercing shrills of MGMHM, that surely woke up the Governor’s dog.

This morning we welcomed some Tinder recruits, we ain’t judging, and a pretty puppy from Boulder, also sourced via Tinder. We take our social media seriously at NP-DEN. Between Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Pinterest, Farmers Only, Vine, J-Date, and I’ve gone cross-eyed. As much as we embrace social media, we much prefer physical media. Case in point, we crowsurfed our first patron this morning. Congratulations, Christine, and happy birthday from us all. That was Denver’s first bday crowdsurf, and we kinda nailed it.

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