Best Laid Plans (LAX)

There are times when we #justshowup to the Hollywood Bowl with a solid game plan, only to find that our plan needs to get blown way up because there are multiple fences blocking our way into the stadium. Couldn’t even get close enough to look inside this time.

2016-05-11 (2)

What better time then for an impromptu couples retreat? A forced vacation from the bowl is the perfect opportunity to meet someone new, sweat your face off with them, and share a sweaty hug with your new friend after it’s all said and done.

2016-05-11 (1)

One thing that impresses me week in and week out with this tribe is how willing you are to be present with whatever we throw at you, and the joy and effort you bring to your mornings. You woke up, you got here, and you give all you have… there’s nothing better than that to us.

2016-05-11 (3)

Do great, LA


Friday – 6:27 am @ Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills

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