BensDayIII (Worcester)

For the past 2 years, we have dubbed the first Wednesday in May, “Ben’s Day”. This is a very special day here in the Woo.

We lost Ben unexpectedly on April 30th, 2017. I will never forget that day, and I am sure all who knew him feel the same. Some days, it still doesn’t seem real.

Ben was the biggest ambassador for November Project. He started on his wife’s birthday in the summer of 2013 and was hooked. Once the pledge began in Worcester during the Summer of 2015, Ben and Jenn jumped right in and became “dual-citizens” of Boston and Worcester.

There was no question how valuable these 2 were to the communities around them, in all aspects. I don’t think two people exist who would make you feel more welcome than Ben and Jenn. Shortly after being “regulars” of November Project, they knew every leader, every pledge, every piece of history that happened since the inception of NP. They had visited many other cities, had made many friends across the country, and after a morning at the stadium with them, you felt as if you had known them for years. These two were my GO TO, They both became good friends, and I only wish my time with Ben wasn’t cut so short.

Ben and Jenn were the first two people to greet you with an enthusiastic good morning and tight squeeze when you arrived, and the last ones to tell you “see you next week” before you left.  There was not a soul in all of NP Woo who did not know of them.

I remember a few times I elected to bail on Wednesday morning because I was still sort of new, and I didn’t think anyone would hold me accountable. Instead, I would post some sort of other workout on my Instagram. Sure enough, It seemed like I did not even press post yet, and here comes Ben giving me shit for not showing up that morning. It wasn’t the kind of shit that made you irritated, though- it was more “WOW, someone noticed I wasn’t there and cared enough to harass me”.  Ben had a way of being incredibly attentive, when he talked to you, he was so laser focused on that conversation with you. He would always fully engage and his time was all yours in that moment.

For Ben’s Day, the purpose is to celebrate Ben’s life among a group of people that he considered his family. November Project was such a big part of him. Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to meet him, he see’s you, and he’s glad you’re here- Believe that.

Next Wednesday, we have a morning full of all things Ben waiting for you. In his honor- please wear green, anything superhero like, or hockey apparel/gear. Got a hockey stick? Bring it. Got hulk hands? Bring those, too. The crazier, the better.  We will also be tagging, so bring a shirt (lighter in color if possible).

If you aren’t in Worcester, please join us from wherever you are. Tag your photos #BensDay. Let’s celebrate BEN. #benlovesnplovesben #BeLikeBen


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Til next week, xo

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