Belly Buttons

Today we appreciate our belly buttons.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Large, small, deep and cavernous, simple and dainty.  Innies.  Outies.  We’ve all got ’em and today the anatomical wonder of the belly button as a collector, gatherer, and hoarder of sorts of small particles came to life.

Really, the workout today was aimed at blowing up our legs and core with lateral step ups for each leg and burpees, blowing up our lungs with 20 min of high intensity movement back and forth between 12 step ups each leg and 12 burpees, and blowing up our social game by pitting us face-to-face in #burpeebattles for speed against the other team.  We wore red and blue in honor of the British and Colonials, since we were in Paul Revere Park facing the Old North Church where the lights were hung to indicate “One if by land, two if by sea” that started Paul Revere’s famous ride.  So it was the red team vs. the blue team for the burpee battles.

I wonder what Paul Revere’s belly button looked like.

I wonder if Paul Revere did as many burpees on the dirty cobblestone mall as we did today, would his belly button would accumulate as much filth as ours did?  I’m gonna go ahead and surmise that among Paul Revere’s many exceptional qualities, his belly button was probably one of them.

I also wonder what trick of nature caused all of us, even those of us with shirts on, to get so darn much dirt in our buttons.

But mostly, I wonder if Paul Revere had all that dirt in his belly button, after burpee-ing like the revolutionary hero that he was, would I be able to stick my finger in his button, scrape around the edges and pull out as much sweaty, dirty, filth as I did when I did exactly that to long-time Boston tribe-member, Chris Payne, after the workout? Chris “The Real Paul Revere” Payne could have warned the entire eastern seaboard about the British’s attack with his unmistakable burpee scream, which you know Paul Revere is a little jealous of.  That battle cry/burpee count/scream “ONE,” which makes you laugh and love burpees even more because it’s so weird, but that everyone else shushed this morning in the attempt to be quiet.  But yeah, one dip of my finger into CPayne’s button and I was one knuckle deep with dirt.  What’s the saying now, Paul Revere??  “One if by Payne, two if by C!”

So the lesson of the day kids, is #JustShowUp, because there’s no fun to be had if you stay home in your little bed.  Ain’t no dirt, or burpees, or tribey hugs gonna find you there at 6:30 on an awesome summer morning.

The next lesson of the day is don’t under-utilize your belly button.  It could be doing so much more for you.  Hands full and don’t have a pocket?  Use your belly button as a natural pocket.  Where to put your afternoon snack for safe keeping?  In your belly button, of course.  Need to do a little dusting or vacuuming but trying to squeeze in a workout?  Just burpee around your house and collect all that dust and dirt in your handy belly button.

And the moral of the story: never enter into a battle of burpees with #TheRealPaulRevere when belly button dirt is on the line.



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