Becoming A Parent (NYC)

Dear Tribe,

Wednesday July 6th was my first PR day as a co-leader.  There was a small crowd for both 5:28 and 6:28 it was quiet and there was maybe a handful of PRs earned. Paul mentioned to me that its a quieter day for tribe members in general because well ; its a BEAST of a workout.  I kept thinking well maybe its because of the holiday season most people are away and just not feeling like PRing ; to many hot dogs and beers is no equation for a PR.

Today was different the 5:28 was a huge group I contemplated making it two groups.  Captain Myles and James smashed the course record the new record is 19:54.  They just killed and and I believe “set the tone for the day”. Becky crushed a 1 second PR from May, Allie crushed a 3 minute PR, and many many more for the 5:28 crew.

The 6:28 crew toed the line Coach John lead the first lap Captain Myles looked like he was going to crush his record he just set an hour ago and the energy was just undeniable. Vader’s dad looked at Coach and said ” do you think I should run I am not feeling 100%”.   He was full baloney he crushed a 1 minute PR; excellent strategy trying to fool the competition right before the start.  I hope you channel that energy at your next points race.   Phil dropped a #verbal for a PR and this tribe was not gonna let him fail.  I saw Mary Arnold push him the last three laps and at 19:45 on the clock with one lap to go he crushed his old PR.  POW sprinted behind him and pushed him up the stairs, Max was pushing the pace and earned himself a shiny new PR as well. Casey, Amanda and Vader threw a last sprinkle of positivity on his beakers with a cheer. Just like that a 20 second PR.  Reggie crushed an amazing PR and as always finished with the largest smile I have ever seen.

I think I know why Paul and John call them selves the “dads” of NP and humor themselves with “dad jokes”.   I certainty don’t wanna call myself a mom but I get it now I understand the title. It certainly felt like I was was at the Section 8 Division Championships ; the last big track meet of the year where every person every step matters to the team.  I was the crazy lady with the stop watch screaming to my lungs burned ( minus the fanny pack, sorry guys.) It felt so darn good to see everyone crush there goals and create new ones.  I certainly will not take credit for these PR’s you all earned them yourself with hard work and dedication and it certainly was not easy.

For all the new people welcome we are glad you are all here and congratulations on your first PR.   Welcome to the grassroots, weatherproof mover and shakers of 5:28 and 6:28.  You should all be so proud of yourself’s cause I know for damn sure we are.


Your Proud Parents


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