Bear Crawls & Monster Walks & Wall Jumps…Oh My!

Boston had an epic morning, not only because it was so warm and comfy to run with most of our clothes off (more people than Deniz and Malcom were disrobing!), but because we had a really fun, people-packed, and interesting Destination Deck.

When I get up on Mondays, I used to think, “I wonder what we’ll do?”  Because sometimes the idea of Sebastians (7 minutes straight of burpees) would almost make me stay in bed…and sometimes the excitement of the cool shit Bojan and BG would think up made me so curious I’d leap out of bed.  Life is a little different now, you know, since Deniz, Evan, and I are talking every day about what we’re doing at the next workout and how we can continue to raise the bar with awesome DD locations, super hard and fun workouts, and dealing with the challenges that oncoming winter sometimes presents.  But this morning was kind of a fun flash-back for me personally.  I was in Minnesota with my family for the last 5 days and I hadn’t been involved in a single part of the decision making process for today’s workout.  So when I got up to run my 4.1 miles to Seaport Blvd I was excited, curious, and looking forward to the surprise that Deniz and Evan had planned.

What a surprise we all had!  We had an impressive, looping course that included (in this order) running, bear-crawling through the “bear crawl tunnel,”


monster-walking down a switch-back ramp,


10 wall jumps,


a sprint down the waterfront sidewalk around the last bench and back,


bear-crawing back through the bear-crawl tunnel, and running back to the starting point.  Deniz challenged us to do AS MANY loops as we could before 6:53 and then we sang Happy Birthday to four amazing birthday friends.  They did ballerina leap-spins while being sung to.


And then we all started running, riding our bikes, or commuting along to our days…and the little area we occupied for a brief time this morning was like we were never there.

This is one of the things I love more than anything about November Project Destination Decks.  It’s a little like wandering into the land of Oz!  We bring everything–our bodies, our energy, our movement, our loud-ass “FUCK YEAH”s, and we pour it out in that little delightful destination in our city.  We meet interesting strangers on our journey.  (Chris Payne actually reminds me a little too much of the Cowardly Lion!)

Chris Payne
Cowardly Lion Chris Payne. Photo credit: Jon Levitt

And somehow a little magic gets made while we mix up all that amazing energy, hugs, and weirdness.  You can almost hear yourself saying, “Bear Crawls and Monster Walks and Wall Jumps…OH MY…I mean, Fuck Yeah!” as you cruise through the course of red brick road.  And Deniz holding the Postitivity Award is just like Glinda the Good Witch and her magic wand, right?! We have adventures we would never have dreamed up on our own, and then somehow we land back in our normal everyday lives, feeling a little like Dorothy waking up after the tornado.  You know something amazing just happened, you might even be a little sore from it, and if you were to walk to that same little destination later on today or tomorrow, no one even knows it happened.  But we do.  We made it happen.  We are a cast of courageous, intelligent, loving characters who do #FreeFitness like no one else!  And we call ourselves November Project.

Who is ready for a wild and amazing adventure together on Dec 17th??  Let’s all go to the Celtics game.    And EVERYONE is welcome to purchase tickets (2 for a very reasonable $30) on Wed morning at the Stadium.  Our friend Molly from Celtics ticket sales will be on-site in Allston taking cash or ready to charge your credit card.  Bring your money and save the date!!  I’ll definitely be there…will you?  I want to have a Celtics date with as many tribe members as humanly possible.  #TheTribeIsDating?!?  Ok, maybe that just got weird.  But in the Land of Oz, weird shit happens.  Just call me Dorothy.

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