Old faces, new faces, and those damn face cards… (BAL)

Today was groovy & funky. Mostly because I think Nick played “Uptown Funk” approximately eleventy hundred times. Approximately, don’t quote me on that. Anyways, the tribe is definitely turning its nose up to the cold weather as if we were 18th century royalty and Mother Nature was a dirty peasant. TAKE THAT WINTER. YOU DISGUST US.


The tribe pounded the stairs hard, crushed squats and push-ups dictated by a deck of cards, and got their daily dose of science in with a run to the Science Center and back with a partner. You all stripped off more layers than a nude beach sees on a hot summer afternoon.

Positivity Award Winner — Christina, keep rocking those rad spandex and keep bringing your awesome vibe to us!

For those of you who are interested in completing the “Deck a Day” challenge, check out the Facebook group here. A new workout is posted each day, and we can almost guarantee you’ll be ripped for January beach season. Polar plunge anyone?

We also have this little event on Saturday that I’m pretty sure none of you have heard about. It’s called City Glow and I think it’s going to be a good time. 8PM. Wear the glowiest, most outrageous costume you own and get ready to take over the Baltimore nightlife!

the tribe is #weatherproof.



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