Bear, Cowboy, Ninja (PHL)

This morning we mixed it up and added a lil flair to the good ole game of Ro Sham Bo… To my surprise, the majority of the tribe had never played Bear, Cowboy, Ninja – however, what was lacking in experience, was surely made up for in enthusiasm!

How does it work? Bear, beats ninja (the tribe expressed utter disgust at the thought that a ninja couldn’t beat a bear, but we didn’t make the rules here kids), cowboy beats bear (bang bang) and ninja beats cowboy (by kicking the gun out of said cowboys hands – as was enforced many a time this am). Each time you lost a draw you were sent off to a location with a chalked out workout, be it burpees, hoisties, arm dips or ledge jumps – all while running the steps, smiling, sweating and having fun.

Becky Roller was award a first place framed piece of her own art after winning last weeks drawing contest! Lauren A took home the hard hat award. We crowd surfed a totally awesome dude for his bday workout. All four of our kickass Boston Marthon Finisher ladies were in attendance this am and got monster hugs and props!!

We hugged we smiled, and we went off on our days a bit more content and a lot happier than we would have had we missed today’s workout…

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