Bear Comes Shamrock Weekend


Happy St. Patricks Day! We are now starting at 6:15AM – Enjoy those 11 more minutes to sleep in.. We listened to some fine Irish music to get ourselves going in the bounce and then somehow the playlist went on so long we were getting some Ellie Goulding ‘Love Me Like You Do’ from 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. ANYWAYS.. not mad about it.. but.. let’s talk about the workout. You all were beasts. It was so scary; I actually thought I saw real wild animals. Well, I sort of did see wild animals. Bears; specfically. You raced, you rock, paper, scissored and then #BearCrawlsForBreakfast. Rinse and Repeat. Nice work #riseandgrind as most of us were preparing for the Shamrock Marathon weekend here in VB.

Good Night Peanut Butter Pillow.


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