BEACHtober (LAX)

What an epic way to start of #BEACHtober! You were all fearless and dove right on in… literally!

The water is warmer than it has every been we’re taking advantage! Sometimes when Steve and I throw out these ideas and think  “are they going to do this?” in reference to wading through the water for resistance and you have no idea how big our smiles were when everyone just went for it and had no hesitation! You said screw the variation and jumped in like a lab chasing a stick into the crashing waves.


If you didn’t make any friends under the pier where so many iconic Blockbuster hit scenes have been shot like Karate Kids: Knuckle Up, Charlie’s Angels 4, and that iconic hulk from the 80’s fighting bad!


He apparently found a bear under there!

Needless to say we cant say how excited we are for the rest of this month. Keep recruiting your westside friends and hell your east side friends to because we know they’re stuck being to hipster in Silverlake and need a little fact check on where all the fun is happening!


See you on Wednesday!



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