Beach Party (VB)

We made it! One Year!

One whole year, 52 weeks of 52 Free Workouts from 615-7AM EVERY WEDNESDAY, ZERO Cancellations. #BOOM – Talk about overcoming commitment issues.


We had #CakeByTheOcean (Thank you Jenn for making them)! Julie EARNED the #PositivityAward. AND, Cris won the #NP_Hero Cape from Daniel and apparently has jokes that are comparable to two cups of coffee! That’ll wake you up in the morning! Cris also found out that he likes the sand! (I used 4 exclamation points right there, It’s okay because it’s our BIRTHDAY!)

Next Wednesday we continue the new locations and we continue March Madness. We will head to our Shore Drive/Chic’s Beach location the — Lynnhaven Fishing Pier.

Find Street Parking & #justshowup.. we meet under the Pier @ 615AM


See you Next Week! – Love, The Leadership.

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