March Radness (IND)

The #NP_IND tribe showed up and threw down some mighty Quack… Quack… Quack… Quack… Quack… before breaking in March with some Radness.

While the tribe ran the quintessential Indy #UpAndOver, on the east side partners exchanged piggy back rides, making sure to give and receive of course (#HashpoundManners) followed by leg throw downs on the south side, the ever complicated wheelbarrow lunge across the west side and hoistees on the north side. All the grunts were made; especially during the wheelbarrow lunges.


Nice work today, tribe!


  1. Spring Stamping Social is THIS Saturday at Tow Yard Brewery, 5pm. Be there, just be there. We will be making Recruiting Papers, which will be used to recruit more peeps and grow the tribe. Bring scissors and thin cardboard (think cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes, beer case boxes—you get the idea). There will also be beer, laughter and hugs.
  2. The North Face Endurance Series Challenge takes over the District of Columbia on April 9th, and you’ve just got to be there. NP tribe members from across the land will be there, including the Mothership! Tribe members team up and run a trail marathon relay. This race WILL sell out SOON! So get yo s*it together. Discount code: “NPDC15” will get you 15% off. Register here, now! We are gonna hit up the #NP_DC tribe on Friday the 8th and Monday the 11th. Join Bobbo, Shaw, 7Layer, JBear, JoeyMac and Stew for what will fo sho be an epic adventure, or risk FOMO.

Have a great week! And go on with your rad self!



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