#BaltiTour (BAL)

We have some announcements, and what better way to draw you to the blog than to announce them HERE. Yes here. Right now. Here they are:

ONE: #NPSummit

  • If you are going to Salt Lake City to join all 24 tribes, we will see you there.
  • If you are staying in Baltimore for all that other fun, Pat will see you Friday morning at 6:30AM @ the NE corner of Patterson Park for #hillsforbreakfast. It is still happening, and you need to be there.


TWO: PR Day (9/30)

  • We are back next Wednesday for PR Day AND Free Baltimore Yoga!
  • Here is your class schedule:
    • 5:30-6:00AM: 5:30 crew’s PR Day
    • 6:00-6:30AM: Yoga with LA
    • 6:30-7:20AM: 6:30 crew’s PR Day


THIRD & FINAL: #BaltiTour

  • 5 Fridays in the month of October = 5 different Baltimore hills
  • That’s right – we are changing things up. Don’t show up to Patterson Park NE corner any Friday in October as we are switching things up; maybe an omelette #hillsforbreakfast or a bagel #hillsforbreakfast with a side of avocado! Friday locations will be posted the few days prior. Get. Ready.


P.S. When did 5:30 all of the sudden become 6:30? We are confused. But we are not complaining.

IMG_4554 IMG_4705

YOU ALL ARE WONDERFUL AND OUR BEST FRIENDS. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for listening.

All the love,

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