Back to the Common… (Worcester)

As of this Wednesday, December 5th, we will be meeting each week at the Worcester Common Oval, right in front of city hall.  5:30 and 6:20 start times.  Here are some FAQ.

Bouncing in front of City Hall

Q: Where can I park?

A: You can park on surrounding streets, given there is not a parking ban in place. If street parking is not available, you can park at the Worcester Library in the parking lot (free).

Q: If we aren’t in the stadium, what will we be doing?

A: What WON’T we be doing? (besides not running stadium stairs) We will use this space creatively, and you WILL NOT leave without getting in a good sweat. We will mix circuit training type workouts, running, games, etc. Also, each workout will have modifications should you have any limitations. ALL ARE WELCOME. Don’t be shy.

Q: Do you still tag in the winter months?

A: We will go month to month with this question, It will all depend on the weather. We want these tags to look crisp and last a long time. When the temps drop, the paint doesn’t hold up as well, and your shirt very well could end up looking real shitty. We don’t want that. Additionally, we don’t want our paint crew losing feeling in their fingers when the temps dip. 


To spice things up a little, and to measure your progress a little more, here are some fun things coming up. 

  1. PR day is coming back. But wait, PR day at the common? YEP.  We will have a course designed for you, and the last Wednesday of the month, you will try to beat your prior month. When we return to the stadium, PR day will continue there, too. Do you have to push yourself so hard? No, of course not. But having a measure of progress is a great motivator. Beat Yesterday! Or in this case, Beat last month 🙂
  2. Monthly Burnouts. We are going to introduce a MONTHLY burnout, and each week , you can test your ability. You will have 2:00 on the clock for each workout, and see how you can improve in 4 weeks. 

We will see YOU on Wednesday! Tell all of your friends. #FreeFitness

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