B3.. You Sunk My Battleship (VB)

Good Morning!

Are you good? Nor-Folk Yeah!

Today we explored historic Norfolk down at the USS Wisconsin & had lots of new faces! #thetribeisstrong #recruiteveryone

Sometimes life turns into a blur of To-do lists between work, family, friends, November Project & zero dark 30 AM wake-ups. It’s always good to stop once and a while to smell the roses. Today reminded me of why we do this thing called November Project. We do it for the community. We do it for one another.

Whenever someone shows up to NP for the first time I always like to hear their story. I usually ask, How did you hear about November Project? The answers are usually pretty common, like my friend from another NP city told me to go, or I saw you on instagram, or twitter, or in runners world magazine, or my favorite… I met you at the bar, remember ? etc. Sometimes I talk about November Project to strangers.

I think everyone and anyone who has ever come to a NP workout can remember their first workout, along with their story as to how they heard about NP. This community of free fitness exists because of the people, because unlike gyms, the workouts are better with more people.  “We Couldn’t do it With-out You” – BG


Enough with the trip down memory lane. Here are your….

Upcoming Events:

3/18 Friday – 615-7AM Pop-Up Workout back at #NP_VB HQ, Mount Trashmore

  • We will be tagging #grassrootsgear (green paint for those of you running #Shamrockon16 this weekend, classic black paint for the rest of ya!)

3/23 Wednesday – 6-15-7AM We return to our home base of Mt. Trashmore


We got lots of folks from other tribes coming to town this weekend for Shamrock. Get out say hello and give them a big ole #NP_VB welcome hug! So let’s rep our city and take pride in what we continue to build here in the 757.

Virginia is for Lovers #talk30tome,

Love Red

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