Dance Party (YEG)

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. Pretty much a combo of all my favourite things, bowling, biking, workouts, friends, beer and a metal concert. I know it sounds ridiculous but this morning’s workout is some of of my favourite things we do at NP workouts. The last time we hung out with Sally and Roxanne, I was on day shift and had to miss it, I love those girls. As hard as trying to complete all the song-based exercises can be, I still haven’t been able to get through all of Sally yet, it just means that we are getting in better shape. It was sweet to have the big speaker out again, even though it’s been a pretty mild winter, that thing freezes up and stops working anywhere below -5C.



Even though I love the workout, the best part of this morning was seeing the very, very confused faces in the car that drove by while our leprechaun jigged (whatever that was called) to his birthday booms and making direct eye contact with everyone in the car. We do awkward very well at November Project. When we ask you to hug three strangers or stare into their eyes for seven seconds (mental note, we haven’t done that in a while), it’s to make a connection with someone new, maybe a new lifelong friend and build the NP community.


Wednesday we we are at the Glenora stairs and Friday at Walterdale Hill, embrace the awkwardness and awesomeness and be there.


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